Dr. Jake Kaufman

Research and Development Consultant 


Quantitative Research, Study Design, Data Analysis, Test Construction, Psychological Measurement, Survey Research, Intervention Research


Ph.D. (and MS) in Psychological Sciences (Minor in Quantitative Methods) – Vanderbilt University

BSc in Psychology – University of Western Ontario

Work Experience

During his academic studies, Jake conducted and assisted on various research projects with people across the lifespan, working with individuals in both one-on-one and group settings. He has conducted studies using a variety of methods and techniques, including surveys, interventions, and neuroimaging. A common theme of his previous research was exploring the mechanisms underlying learning, with a focus on how to leverage this understanding to maximize an individual’s abilities. Jake brings his knowledge of learning mechanisms to the field of sport psychology, to help athletes understand how to grow and reach their full potential.

Jake has presented his research at multiple national developmental and cognitive psychology conferences and has provided a number of guest lectures on his research.


Jake Kaufman is a Research and Development Consultant at Premier Sport Psychology. Jake is an experienced research and data scientist who brings his extensive knowledge of statistical and research methodologies to Premier. He is passionate about helping people and teams achieve their goals and maximize their performance.

Jake has conducted research in the fields of clinical psychology, neuroscience, developmental psychology, and cognitive psychology.  Given his vast research experiences, Jake approaches answering questions from a variety of viewpoints, and these experiences have helped him develop his unique, mechanisms-based approach when conducting research. Additionally, Jake’s understanding of various quantitative methods allow him to implement advanced statistical techniques to better analyze research questions and reach important conclusions. Jake aims to push the sport psychology field in directions that will bring important insights on how to best support the mental health and performance of athletes of all ages.

Jake is a lifelong sports fan (especially for his hometown Toronto teams), and in his free time enjoys golfing, shooting hoops, and playing tennis. When he’s not researching, watching or playing sports, Jake also likes to relax by listening to podcasts and reading science-fiction (recommendations welcome!).

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