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Luis Torres

Mental Performance Consultant


Sport Enhancement, Team and Coach Support, Counseling, Athletic Counseling, Spanish-Speaking Athletes


M.Ed. in Athletic Counseling – Springfield College
BS in Human Biology – American International College
AA in Medical Administration – Monroe College

Work Experience

Luis is a contributor to Premier’s initiatives with the Minnesota Twins, specifically, Spanish-language mental skills programming and conducting individual and team sessions with professional developmental players and coaches.


Luis Torres, M.Ed, is a bilingual mental performance consultant specializing in mental skills training, team and coach support, and counseling for athletes.

With a background in counseling and sport psychology, Luis’ approach with athletes involves listening first, building trust, and understanding that the athlete is the expert about themselves.  He strives to create a safe space for the individual to discuss any topic freely.

Luis was born and raised in Westchester, New York where he attended Monroe college for 2 years, playing for the men’s soccer program and becoming a national finalist of the NJCAA tournament.  After his time at Monroe, Luis transferred to American International College where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology.  He went to earn his Master’s degree in Athletic Counseling from Springfield College.  Luis has experience working with athletes at all levels.

Luis has a passion to consistently grow and learn.  Outside of his time at Premier, he enjoys a variety of different hobbies and sports including soccer, snowboarding, hiking, golf, creating content, and is an avid gym goer. 

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