Premier Sport Psychology specializes in leadership development for athletes, coaches and sport professionals.



Great leadership drives positive team culture, which in turn improves results. Across industries people look to sport for examples of great leadership, but it doesn’t happen by accident. Premier Sport Psychology helps those in sport build critical self-awareness to empower positive leadership.

Sport is the perfect arena to build leadership capacity that athletes can utilize for the rest of their lives.  Without intentional development, we leave these critical skills to chance.




Athletes, coaches, and sport administrators at all levels trust Premier Sport Psychology for their Leadership Training needs. Here’s why:

Improved Relationships

Great leaders create great relationships throughout their teams and programs. Improved relationships mean better experiences and enhanced trust between coaches and athletes.

Positive Team Culture

Leaders drive the culture of their programs more than anything else. By taking time to improve their leadership, leaders are actively investing in their team culture.

Faster Development

Trusted leaders are able to get faster, more efficient development out of their teams, empowering athletes to learn and progress.

Enhanced Resilience

Research shows time and time again, leaders who focus on building meaningful connection, trust and self-worth in their programs increase the resilience of their athletes.

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Premier’s leadership programming can take a variety of forms to accommodate the needs, goals, and timelines of the teams and programs seeking support.

We offer leadership services to individual athletes and to coaches and leadership personnel, stretching from single sessions and weekend retreats to long term programs for athletic departments that extend a semester, an academic year, or the college career of an incoming class.   Like all of our services, short term leadership programs are adaptive to the individual or group, and focus on developing leadership capacity, a values-driven athletic culture, personal growth, and feelings of ownership and accountability for the program as a whole.  This programming is highly interactive, utilizing preliminary assessment instruments to map the leadership characteristics of each individual, followed by the workshopping and coaching of leadership techniques designed to draw out leadership potential and address limitations and areas for growth.

Longer term services—semester-, year-, or multi-year programming—while also customized and interactive, take a slightly more educational approach, and chart a progression from self-awareness to an understanding of the many constituent parts of successful leadership, giving athletes a pathway for incorporating those skills into life within and beyond athletics.  Developed under the title “Leadership U” and piloted in the University of Minnesota’s athletic department, this battle-tested curriculum is available for athletic departments and conferences that want more formal training for their athletes.