Kacey Clark

Executive Director of Client Relations


Kacey Clark is Premier Sport Psychology’s Executive Director of Client Relations.

As one of Premier’s longest-tenured team members, Kacey has been instrumental to the growth and strategic relationships of the company, serving at various points as an office manager, client liaison, accountant, researcher, project coordinator, and marketing specialist before joining Premier’s executive team, where her expertise in company operations can more directly serve Premier’s clients.

As the Executive Director of Client Relations, her work has run the gamut, from managing contracts with professional and Olympic programs, to shepherding client research and draft profiling services, where she oversees data collection and collation for Premier’s franchise consulting and pre-draft player assessments. On the executive level, she works directly with Premier’s ownership group on strategy execution, aligning staff with key initiatives, managing deadlines, and reading and reacting to developments within the field.

A self-professed news junkie, Kacey spends her free time devouring too many news programs and podcasts to mention (with the exception of Car Talk, which we are pleased to report is her favorite).

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