MBA in Healthcare – University of St. Thomas
BBA in Management & Human Resources – University of Wisconsin – Madison

Chad Rasmussen

Director of Operations

Chad Rasmussen is the Director of Operations at Premier Sport Psychology. As Director, Chad is responsible for overseeing all aspects of business operations including, but not limited to financials, human resources, and marketing. Prior to joining Premier, Chad spent more than a decade in the healthcare industry overseeing the business operations and development of private practices in the ophthalmology and orthopedic specialties. Chad began his career in marketing and business development before turning his direction inward and focusing on the internal strategy, structure, policies and development of employees at his organizations. Chad is an expert in change management and believes a focus on structure and employee development leads to exceptional customer service and organizational growth.

Chad lives in the Twin Cities with his wife and two kids. He and his wife share a passion for helping individuals physically and mentally thrive. In his free time Chad enjoys coaching his kids’ sports, golfing, basketball, running and playing music.


Healthcare Operations and Management, Finance, Team Building, Business Development


Chad’s work experience at Premier includes financial planning, reporting, marketing and staff support. He has also supported client care operations and on a day-to-day basis ensures business operations are running smoothly.

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