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Dr. Adam Gallenberg

Director of Clinical Training, Sport Psychologist


Acceptance-Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Confidence, Mental Resilience, Focus, Combat Sports Athletes, Collegiate and Professional Athletes, Musicians


Licensed Psychologist, Minnesota Board of Psychology
Certified Mental Performance Consultant
USA Boxing Coach Certification


Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology – The University of Iowa
MSc in Counseling Psychology – The University of Kansas
BS in Psychology – Drake University

Doctoral Internship – Illinois State University Student Counseling Services

Work Experience

Adam began his time as a Postdoctoral Resident at Premier, and is now the Director of Clinical Training, supervising and developing programs for incoming psychologists, mental performance consultants, and postdoctoral residents.

Adam works with athletes and coaches at the University of Minnesota and Minnesota Timberwolves, specializes as a mental skills coach for professional boxers and MMA fighters in various organizations, and continues to provide sport psychology services to athletes from various sports and backgrounds at Premier. Adam has also been called upon to lead and facilitate various leadership workshops on motivation, mental skill development, and resilience training with the Minnesota Twins, the University of Minnesota, Macalester College, and USA Olympic Curling.

Adam has also forged inroads with the marching arts, providing mental performance trainings to various high school and collegiate marching band programs across the country.


Adam Gallenberg, Ph.D., LP is a licensed psychologist and sport and performance consultant. Adam’s path into sport psychology was an innovative one. While completing his doctorate from the University of Iowa, Adam was offering counseling and career services to students, veterans, athletes, and the general adult population. Simultaneously, he was also coaching professional and amateur boxers while competing in the amateurs himself.

In addition to his boxing background, Adam also competed at the national level in ballroom and Latin dancing, identifying the mental components of team development and body awareness. He combined his passions for the sport of boxing and ballroom dancing with his knowledge of exercise science and psychology, noting the benefits of exercise to addressing mental wellness concerns. This insight inspired a shift from traditional counseling psychology into the psychology of performance, where his research focused on the relationship between high intensity exercise and help-seeking attitudes, and his early client work steered toward combat sport athletes.

Adam joined Premier Sport Psychology in 2019, where he continues to work with athletes across all ages and sports and continues to focus on addressing mental wellness as a spectrum of development. His approach to mental performance highlights the importance of resilience training, bringing a “fighter’s mindset” for managing adversity to performers of all disciplines. From the golf course to the swimming pool, the fighter’s mindset often becomes the game changer to unlock one’s peak performance when it is desired the most.

When not working at Premier, Adam continues to put the work elsewhere – balancing his time between the boxing gym, where he still coaches and trains regularly, and spending time with his family.

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