Meet Our Team

Our mission is to help athletes reach optimal performance, mental health, and enjoyment in their sport and life endeavors.


Dr. Justin Anderson

Founder, Sport Psychologist

Dr. Carlin Anderson

Founder, Sport Psychologist

Cathy Winter

President, Executive Leadership Consultant

David Plummer

Vice President of Operations, Leadership Consultant

Dr. Erin Ayala

Sport Psychologist, Executive Director of Research and Development

Dr. Adam Gallenberg

Sport Psychologist, Assistant Training Director

Dr. Ben Merkling

Sport Psychologist, Executive Clinical Director

Dr. Janet Finlayson

Director of Clinical Assessment, Sport Psychologist

Dr. Jaimie Rubin

Sport Psychologist

Dr.Phil Imholte

Sport Psychologist

Dr. Ashley M. Zapata

Mental Performance Consultant and Sport Psychology Resident

Dr. Matthew Mikesell

Postdoctoral Resident

Dr. Chrissy Holm

Athletic Counselor, Mental Performance Consultant, Leadership Coach

Dr. Kirbi Kidd

Postdoctoral Resident

Alexandra Wulbecker-Smith

Athletic Counselor, Mental Performance Consultant, Youth Sport Coordinator

Carlos Coto

Mental Performance Consultant


Athletic Counselor, Mental Performance Consultant

Melissa Wells


Research, Support and Client Relations

Kayla Clark

Executive Director of Client Relations

Savanna Townsend

Human Resource Generalist


Executive Assistant, Project Coordinator


Project Specialist

David Youngs

Communications and Social Media Specialist

Carlie Brandt

Leadership Consultant, Project Specialist

Heather Albertson

Office Coordinator

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