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The Power Five: Team Support

There’s truly nothing more fulfilling than being part of a team that functions as a well-oiled machine. We all know that the value of being on a team transcends wins and losses; between all the long bus rides and team gatherings are adversity-defying moments, character-building experiences, and budding friendships, all of which can serve as puzzle pieces that shape an athlete’s life for decades to come. The dynamics of a team can truly shape lives…a vehicle for culture, growth, and learning. Yet in a puzzle, no one piece looks the same…but they all play a critical role in creating a rock-solid final product. The same can be said for the dynamic of a team. It’s important for athletes to understand the dynamic of their team…their relationship with teammates and coaches, if they feel that their voice is heard, and that their worth is valued as a human being…not just an athlete. All of that and plenty more is measured by team support.

Team Support, Wh...

Does Your Child Have a Growth Mindset? (And Why It’s Important They Do)

Little League victories, Pee Wee hockey losses, high school soccer titles, and heartbreaking AAU basketball defeats.  Any of these sound familiar to you? The emotional roller coaster of youth sports teaches children lessons and values that span the spectrum; the joy of learning a new skill, the beauty of developing lifelong friendships, and the foundation of being part of something bigger than one's self.  Those are all incredibly important, yet perhaps one of the most valuable growth opportunities to come from youth sports is the ability to deal with outcomes…both good and bad.  Youth sport teaches athletes to win with grace and lose with dignity; sportsmanship, something the world can always use more of.  Yet dealing with outcomes is much m...

The Power Five: Growth Mindset

Wins and losses. Game-winning three-pointers and clanks off the rim. Picturesque pick-sixes and blown coverages that part the Red Sea.  Regardless of age, level, or skill, sport is a journey often determined by outcomes. The good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. Some of those outcomes result in perceived greatness; Stefon Diggs’ miraculous catch to send the Vikings to the NFC Championship in 2018, Maya Moore’s incredible 2013 campaign that led to Finals MVP accolades and a WNBA title for the Lynx, and Kirby Puckett’s legendary walk-off homer in game six of the 1991 World Series just to name a few.  Those are great..but many, if not most outcomes don’t lead to rings, trophies, and front page headlines.  Read Full Article