For months, our kids’ attention has been on sticks, skates, homework and tests. Now that summer’s in sight, it’s our job as parents to offer the right mix of structure, free time and support – which will go a long way to helping them relax, recharge and have fun.

“Recovery time is very important for sustainability of motivation in sport for the long run,” said Dr. Justin Anderson, a sports psychologist with the University of Minnesota and owner of Edina-based Premier Sports Psychology, PLLC [sic]. “I work with a number of professional athletes and they all scatter as soon as the season ends. They’ll take several weeks to rest physically and mentally – they want that down time to keep their motivation high.

“They actually get through that time and want to come back,” he continued. “Nothing is more important to growth and performance than intrinsic motivation. Otherwise, burnout is likely to happen.”

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