Our guest for this episode of The Hold Fast Podcast is sport marketing executive Matt Farrell.  Matt got his start in sport information at the University of Arkansas, before joining USA Swimming in a similar capacity.  After serving as the longtime Chief Marketing Officer for USA Swimming, Matt left sport marketing to work for the Golf Channel, where he was the commissioner of the cult-hit World Long Drive series before breaking out on his own to become a founding partner of Stadion Sports, focusing on Name, Image, and Likeness consulting.

We spoke to Matt about the rapid evolution of sport information in the digital- and social media-age, and the impact of this evolution, along with Name, Image, and Likeness policy, on team and leadership culture.

This episode was recorded on October 14, 2021.

“Leaders, a couple of days ago, had to wake up thinking about academics and athletics.  Now they have to think about the commercial aspects of a student-athlete, and many times that’s an 18-year-old.  That’s a different responsibility.  Their leadership responsibility is now different.”

– Matt Farrell

Episode Highlights:

– The transition of sport information in the age of the internet

– The development of self-promotion over conventional media in team sports

– The origins of Name, Image, and Likeness policy

– The impact of Covid on the drafting of state-by-state Name, Image, and Likeness legislation

– The impact of Name, Image, and Likeness on leadership

– The myths versus the realities of NIL policies

– The impact of the NIL on locker room dynamics and team relationships

– What the best programs are doing to manage the new leadership responsibilities associated with NIL

– Finding ways to make athletics worthwhile