Visualization has repeatedly been shown to improve performance and increase the likelihood of achieving one’s dreams and goals. Visualization is a mental skill technique in which people see or form a mental image of themselves performing a skill or achieving a certain level of success. In Harvey Mackay’s article, “See it, believe it: Success starts in the mind’s eye”, Mackay emphasizes the importance of incorporating visualization into your life and the powerful effect it can have on the attainment of your goals. The article discusses how Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, and Olympic athletes use visualization to assist them in reaching their dreams. He cites a research study conducted in Russia that compared 4 groups of Olympic athletes with varying levels of their training devoted to mental skills, specifically visualization. The group that had the most success in their overall performance was those who received 75% mental training and 25% physical training. This study highlights the importance of spending time each day to use visualization as a training technique to see ourselves achieving our goals. Whether you are visualizing yourself having a solid practice, picturing yourself overcoming an obstacle, or you see yourself recovering from an injury, visualization is a tool that can give you an extra boost to hitting your peak performance. Come see us at Premier Sport Psychology to get started on strengthening your visualization techniques specifically for you and your sport.