It’s rare to talk about legacy-building in careers that are just beginning, but after speaking with hockey coach Bethany Brausen, it was difficult to think of her young career in any other terms.  Bethany was a two-time team captain for the historic Golden Gophers Women’s Hockey team, which won national titles in 2013 and 2014, and went on an NCAA-record 62 game winning streak.  She has since returned to the Gophers, serving as a mentor and coach to next generation student-athletes, while socking away enough time to earn her Master’s degree and pursue her PhD.  Bethany’s indeed been a pioneer as an athlete and coach, and an important voice in the world of collegiate athletics, and she’s just getting started.

More on Bethany can be found here.

“I think that when it comes to generational gaps and how to best engage with them, let’s reflect on what we have been taught was good leadership and what we have been taught was good coaching, and let’s challenge that a little bit.  At the end of the day, let’s ask our players what they need, because they are the experts on themselves.  When we can hear them, we’re going to be better coaches because of it.”

– Bethany Brausen

Episode Highlights:

– Choosing a program as a recruit

– Giving back to the game

– What leadership looks like as a student-athlete

– Flexible thinking and leadership

– Getting to the top, and changing everything to get better

– Creating authentic team values and culture

– Being tough, grateful, devoted, and disciplined

– How leadership happens in everyday moments

– Managing generational differences

– Building trust as a coach, extending trust as an athlete

– Finding opportunities for leadership during a pandemic