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Analyzing The Athlete’s Mind With Premier Sport Psychology

By: Premier Sport Psychology

Alex Wulbecker-Smith joins the team at "Hey, It's Cory Hepola" to discuss finding motivation and gratification in the lives of athletes of all ages.
Analyzing The Athlete's Mind With Premier Sport Psychology...

Dr. Justin Anderson’s Case Study About Being Your Best With Athlete Assessments

By: Premier Sport Psychology

Dr. Justin Anderson speaks with Athlete Assessments on the value of assessment instruments to becoming one's best....

Mental Performance Consultant Chrissy Holm on the Mental Side of Baseball in 2020

By: Premier Sport Psychology

Has a 16-game playoff losing streak had any impact on this year's Twins team? Chrissy Holm talks with Cory Hepola about the mental side of playing playoff baseball.

Exploring the mental challenges for the Twins in the playoffs with Premier Sports Psychology