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Premier Mailbag: October 10, 2022

This week’s question: How can your child compete comfortably in pressure situations?

  All athletes face it: those times when the going gets tough or stakes are high and routine shots, plays, or actions become easier said than done.  It’s especially frustrating when those shots, throws, or actions are ones that the athlete has completed thousands of times in practice or in previous competitions.  It’s a crippling feeling; muscles become tight, myriad what if’s swarm the mind, and quick movements turn to molasses.  To put it simply, the athlete is unable to play freely and pressure is often the cause.  Athletes of a...

Premier Mailbag: Sept. 1, 2022

We all know that competing in sports is much more than just Xs and Os on the field. Regardless of age, level, or experience, we’ve all dealt with the mental side of the game and the struggles and difficulties that it brings.  We also know that the mental side of sport is often more difficult than the physical side.  You’ve made a free throw hundreds of times in practice but sinking that shot with the game on the line may seem near impossible.  You may have the best serve in the entire state, but for some reason, your arm feels like it weighs 1,000 pounds when serving in a match.  That simple throw from second base to first suddenly becomes terrifying when there are hundreds of eyes on you.  The mental si...

The Power Five: Performance Mindset

We all want to find ways to increase our mental game to compete our best on game day. And while we can’t always control outcomes, we can control how we prepare and what tools we use to get in the right mind space before and during competition.  Finding that sweet spot requires a performance mindset. 

What is a Performance Mindset?

A performance mindset is a way of seeing performance as a collection of small, controllable steps and skills, and prioritizing those which are necessary to succeed. Think of a performance mindset like putting gas in your car the night before a long drive.  The task of filling up the tank is essential to having a successful road trip.  Forget to fill it up?  Chances are, your drive won’t be too fun. 
“Great athletes with a strong performance mindset are ve...