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The Power Five: Mental Wellness

The ball cracks off the bat, flying deep into the night sky.  As the outfielder tracks towards the center field wall, they notice a change; the lush green grass fades into coarse red dirt.  The warning track; a shift in terrain to warn the outfielder that they’re close to hitting the wall and that they need to slow down.  If the outfielder pays attention to the warning track, they’ll slow down and adjust accordingly. If they ignore it, they risk an unpleasant surprise.  Warning tracks don’t just exist on the diamond; they’re a part of every athlete's mental experience, and having the awareness to know when you’ve hit the warning track and how to respond is key to strong mental wellness. ...

The Power Five: Physical Wellness

Get enough sleep, eat healthy, embrace the grind. You’ve heard it all.  The concept of physical wellness may seem like a gimme; after all, it’s no secret that taking care of your body correlates with stronger performance on the field and in life.  Yet the endless tales of seven hours of sleep, extra reps before the season, and rise and grind don’t tell the full story; in fact, they corrupt it in some ways. 

Physical Wellness..What is it?

“When we talk about physical wellness and how it relates to sport psychology, we define physical wellness as any potential action taken to keep your body fueled, healthy, and strong so that it can function optimally,” Dr. Justin Anderson, who is the founder of Premier Sport Psychology. “It’s prioritizing the behaviors that promote physical health, your body, ...

The Power Five: Team Support

There’s truly nothing more fulfilling than being part of a team that functions as a well-oiled machine. We all know that the value of being on a team transcends wins and losses; between all the long bus rides and team gatherings are adversity-defying moments, character-building experiences, and budding friendships, all of which can serve as puzzle pieces that shape an athlete’s life for decades to come. The dynamics of a team can truly shape lives…a vehicle for culture, growth, and learning. Yet in a puzzle, no one piece looks the same…but they all play a critical role in creating a rock-solid final product. The same can be said for the dynamic of a team. It’s important for athletes to understand the dynamic of their team…their relationship with teammates and coaches, if they feel that their voice is heard, and that their worth is valued as a human being…not just an athlete. All of that and plenty more is measured by team support.

Team Support, Wh...