JonRowe pic

Jon will be with Premier Sport Psychology for the summer of 2016 as one of our interns. Read on to learn more about Jon. Check back next Thursday to learn more about our other summer intern, Taylor.

Let’s start with a fun fact about yourself.
In between my sophomore and junior year in high school, I traveled in remote parts of Canada for 28 days with 8 other people. We canoed the majority of the time, but also had to portage (which means carrying the canoe on our backs, while the other people carry 100 pound packs) from river to river. There were some places we went that few people have ever been before!

What is the best book you’ve ever read?
When it comes to excellence in sports, Bill Walsh’s book, The Score Takes Care of Itself, is a great read. Coach Walsh goes over the trials and tribulations of being on top of the sports world, but how it’s all worth it in the end.

Chocolate or vanilla?
That’s an easy one. Coffee.

What is the most played song on your iPod?
Tarwater (The Fighter) by The Dirty Guv’nahs. Don’t worry, there’s nothing dirty about it.

Favorite sport to play? How about to watch?
Hockey. Hockey. Hockey, hockey, hockey.

What is your experience with sports?
I grew up in Minnesota, so it was easy to fall into ice hockey. I began skating at 4 years old and played every year through high school. I also played football for three years in high school, which i continued for 4 years in college. Nowadays, I’m trying out different sports to see which one I’ll pursue next.

What has drawn you to the field of sport psychology?
After struggling, as many do, with my own performance in sports and school, I am interested in providing others with the necessary psychological skills to perform at their highest level. Research has recently alluded to how much influence someone can have on their own success, and I want to help people understand how they can make their lives better through hard work and smart work.

What is your educational background and future aspirations?
I attended Carleton College in Northfield, MN, where I studied psychology. Beginning in the fall of 2016, I will be attending the University of Denver for my Master’s in Sport and Performance Psychology. After Denver, I plan to pursue a doctorate in the field.