Janus: the Roman God of beginnings and transitions. The double-faced God looks in opposite directions; toward the past and also toward the future. The month of January has been named in remnant of this Roman God, representing the doorway into a new year. As 2015 approaches, we can take time to use Janus as a guide to look both at the past year and what the New Year has in store for us.

The beginning of the New Year is a time for fresh starts, new creations and a chance to begin again. The importance of looking forward to what lies ahead in the upcoming year and what may rise within you, your sport, your relationships and your hopes is something to spend time cultivating. Take time to set daily, weekly and monthly goals for the year that help move you in the direction of what it is ultimately important to you. To help fuel you, remember to let your values guide your goals. Here are three keys questions to ask yourself when developing your goals:

  • What is my passion for doing this activity?
  • Why is this important to me?
  • What am I willing to commit to (emotionally/physically) in order to achieve my goals?

Janus has two-faces; he sees both directions, looking not only toward the future but also at past events. January is also a time to reflect back on the previous year and see the progression of how the past has influenced and shaped who you are today as an athlete. Here are several reflection questions to spend time answering:

  • What accomplishments and areas have I excelled at within the past year?
  • Are there specific elements within my sport that I would like to grow or improve?
  • Which of those areas are within my control and can I let go of those that were not within my control?

Most importantly, we must not forget to take a second to simply just be in the moment we are in, savoring our current surroundings and situations. Become aware of yourself, your successes, mistakes, hopes, what scares you, your dreams… Take five minutes to create a safe space for where you are in this time without judgment and allow yourself to just be. Within that moment, can you discover one morsel of gratitude for yourself, someone else or something within your life?

Let Janus be the light to shine on the beginning of your January 2015 with reflection of your 2014, time to be present with yourself and your gratitude, as well as hope for what is to come for a prosperous upcoming year!

Happy New Year from Premier Sport Psychology!