What is resilience?

The most useful way to think about resilience in performance settings is as the ability to manage adversity.  It’s our resistance to challenges, and our ability to bounce back when those setbacks invariably occur.  To be resilient is to see obstacles as challenges, and to see the overcoming of those challenges as a necessary step in the lifelong process of becoming better.

Why is resilience important?

The value of resilience can be found in all sport and life performance.  Even near-perfect performances contain moments of imperfection, and the potential for those moments to create doubt, uncertainty, and negative outcomes.  Resilience keeps perfection from becoming the enemy of persistence.  To struggle is human, but to navigate struggles with flexibility and strength, and to use them to increase focus and motivate positive change, is to be resilient.

Among the most targeted attributes for high school and college coaches, amateur and professional scouts, and executive recruiters and talent developers is a resilient mindset.  We can help get you there.

How we help.

Resilience isn’t something you’re born with.  It’s a set of tangible skills that can be taught through focused training and lifestyle management to create a resilient way of life.  Premier Sport Psychology offers resilience programming for individual and team development to help athletes, executives, and performers of all ages and kinds increase mental toughness and stabilize performance outcomes.

Among the skills taught in resilience programming:

  • Reconsidering adversity.  Training the mind to see obstacles as challenges to overcome.
  • Understanding one’s personal stress response and developing specific action plans to manage it.
  • Grounding decision-making in high-stress situations.
  • Creating reliable support networks and developing strategies for engaging support when it is needed.
  • Directional focus training.
  • Self-empowerment
  • Managing emotions and expectations.


The benefits of resilience training.

  • Increased motivation and sense of purpose.
  • Higher levels of optimism, vigor, and confidence in the face of adversity.
  • Quicker bounce-back from setbacks and disappointments.
  • Accelerated growth and skill acquisition.
  • Reduced burnout.
  • Greater sport/performance enjoyment.


Getting started.

Premier Sport Psychology offers performance coaching to individuals and teams anywhere in the world through in-person or virtual sessions.  For those with mental health challenges or concerns, Premier offers mental health counseling to individuals in all PsyPact-participating states.  You can learn more about what this means for you, and whether your state is a participant, by clicking here.

For those with additional questions, contact us.  Receiving sport psychology services can be a big step for many, and we’re here to help.