Mindset Assessment

The Mindset Assessment is Premier Sport Psychology’s own assessment resource, based on over a decade’s experience working with athletes of all levels.



The Mindset Assessment is an assessment instrument that allows athletes to compare themselves with over 500 athletes at all levels of sport, from amateur to professional and Olympic competitors, in five core areas that are foundational to mental wellness and performance.

Premier Sport Psychology developed the Mindset Assessment in close collaboration with athletes, coaches, and sport medicine professionals with the goal of helping athletes build a healthier and more productive mindset.  This streamlined, easy to complete, and easy to interpret resource gives athletes a baseline understanding of how they are functioning in areas related to wellbeing and resilience, and a custom pathway for growth and improvement based on their results.



Mindset Assessment?

The Mindset Assessment was specifically designed to target the overlap between mental wellness and performance, and to compare athletes’ performance in these areas not to the general population, but to other athletes just like them.

The benefits of this kind of targeted assessment are many, and include:

Easy to complete.

Because the Mindset Assessment targets only that narrow swathe of characteristics that apply equally to performance and mental health, it can be completed in fraction of the time required of other assessments.  The assessment can be completed in 5-10 minutes, and results are processed and emailed immediately.

Build personal and athletic IQ

What gets measured gets managed.  The Mindset Assessment provides athletes with a specific inventory of the strengths and growth areas most relevant to their lives, increasing awareness and the likelihood of growth and self-regulation.

Stand alone

Unlike most assessments, the Mindset Assessment provides a summary of your results and a suggested growth plan, created by sport psychologists, without needing to schedule an appointment.

Decrease burnout and stress

Our research has shown that athletes with high Mindset Assessment scores experience lower levels of burnout and distress.  Those scoring low in these areas are provided with tangible interventions designed to address problem areas before the effects of burnout are felt or escalate.



The Mindset Assessment was possibly the most helpful information for me and my team to review as a lead up to the Olympic Games this year! - Olympic Medalist
Just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for this assessment. I just went through my results and I already feel like I have learned so much and gotten the language and approach/thought process to make real changes. - US National Team Rower
This is so interesting and important. - Running Coach
It was about time for a reset for me. It's really awesome to see quantitative feedback re-affirming how I feel. It makes me feel less lost in the wilderness. - Semi-Professional Athlete
This was awesome. It's also scary spot on. - Collegiate Athlete

what to


The Mindset Assessment doesn’t require you block aside more than around five minutes to complete, and the assessment can be taken on any computer or mobile device.  No additional software is required.  Your personal assessment link will bring you to a series of 39 multiple-choice questions, each representing one of the five measurable categories of thought, conduct, and behavior related most directly to performance and mental wellness.

Your results will be presented immediately following the assessment, and assign you a score between one and ten in the following categories: Growth Mindset, Performance Mindset, Team Support, Physical Wellness, and Mental Wellness.  An explanation of what your score means to your performance and mental health will be provided, along with how your score compares to other athletes in your field.  Most importantly, steps toward skill management in areas of strength, and improvement in growth areas, will help you chart a path toward an optimal mindset and sport/life balance.  This summary will also be sent to the email address of your choice for future reference, or to share with your coaches, trainers, teammates, and mentors.

Group assessments are also available for programs and teams.  The results of these assessments will be sent to athletes individually, and with their consent, can be collated and sent directly to coaches and program directors.  Coaches are encouraged to contact us through the channels below for more information.