ADHD Testing

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disability Assessments for Athletes

Per NCAA regulations, college student-athletes with a history of ADHD need to obtain a medical use exemption for continued use of psychostimulant medication. At times, athletes may not have sufficient paperwork to support their diagnosis when they enter college. Other times, the diagnosis may not have been established in childhood and the disorder may not become evident until high school, college, or later. Here at Premier, we specialize in the assessment of those in adolescence and adulthood.

At Premier, we can provide athletes 14 and older with a comprehensive assessment to determine whether a diagnosis of ADHD or a learning disability is warranted. This service includes the following:

Two to three testing sessions, during which the provider conducts a one hour interview and administers instruments that measure attention, concentration, executive functioning, and mental health.

The collection of collateral information from people who work closely with the athlete and/or know the athlete well (e.g., parents, coaches, athletic trainers, academic counselors).

A one-hour feedback session, during which we explain all of the findings, the diagnostic decision, and next steps.

Recommendations for treatment (e.g., medication consultation, academic accommodations)

A comprehensive report that summarizes the client’s history, the tests performed, the psychological testing results, the diagnosis, and recommendations.

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