Our guest this week is professional speaker and social justice educator Jen Fry.  Jen began her career in athletics, first as an athlete and then volleyball coach at Elon University, the University of Illinois, Washington State University, and Norfolk State University, before turning her talents toward social justice education.  She currently owns and operates Jen Fry Talks, a social justice firm whose mission is to educate those within the athletic community on issues related to race, diversity, inclusion, and community.

We talk to Jen about her mission as a leader, an educator, and an activist, as well as the role that leadership can play in building bridges across areas of conflict and difference.

You can find more on Jen and her work here.

“Once we come from the idea that everything is not the same, we can start to understand how things show up differently.”

– Jen Fry

Episode Highlights:

– Social justice education

– Understanding the past to dictate the future

– Approaching difference with an anti-racist perspective

– Racial divisions within sport

– Diving into a new field and working without a net

– Accepting what we don’t know

– Athletes understanding their power to affect change

– Leadership in polarizing times

– Leading through action

– The WNBA as a thought and action leader in sports

– Creating effective structural change

– Accountability in social change