NFL Team Mental Performance Consultant

Company: Premier Sport Psychology, PLLC
Location: Hybrid (on-site & remote)
Type: 1099 or W2

About Company:
Premier Sport Psychology prides ourselves as a leader in the field of high-performance psychology. Our reach is wide and diverse, from top-tier professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, MLS, and USA Olympic and national teams, to Power 5 collegiate athletic departments. Beyond sports, our expertise benefits highly driven and ambitious business teams and executives who are determined to perform better in highly competitive settings.

Our core offerings encompass a rich array of services, including performance optimization, pivotal leadership development, mental health counseling, and cutting-edge resilience training, ensuring our clients excel in all settings. Based in Minneapolis metro area of Minnesota, Premier is not bound by geography, as we’ve made our services accessible nationwide.

PSP Mission: Premier Sport Psychology exists to empower people to think better, feel better, perform better, and be better.

PSP Values:

  • Premier Service
  • Passion
  • Gratitude
  • Growth Mindset
  • Team

Position Summary:

Premier Sport Psychology is seeking a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) to serve as an NFL team’s primary on-site mental performance/skills consultant. We’re looking for an exceptional professional – a passionate individual who resonates with our mission, vision, and values – who is eager to join our highly collaborative team as an independent contractor with an opportunity to develop into a full-time position. This individual is primarily responsible for providing mental performance services to the NFL team’s players and staff. This individual will expand the care that will be provided to the team by helping to educate, destigmatize, and treat mental performance as well as enhance the overall mental well-being and mental performance of players and staff. Additionally, this individual will work with other licensed mental health providers and Certified Mental Performance Consultants (CMPC) to deliver mental skills training to players and staff members to maximize ability and availability of mental skills throughout the organization in building a winning culture. This hybrid position offers flexibility in scheduling, with a commitment of 8-12 hours per week that will often be on-site during the NFL team’s active season, and available for consultations on an as-needed basis. The ideal candidate is one who is comfortable working with a variety of stakeholders, works for the good of the whole organization, possesses a service attitude, has the ability to build and maintain positive, productive relationships with clients while maintaining high standards of performance. This role will report to the Coordinator of High-Performance Psychology and Director of Team Growth & Development to align with the organizational values and strategic priorities that are established. Please note this position will require heavy travel and evening/weekend work. This position will require roughly 350-400 hours of onsite programming from April 2024 – January 2025 and work through the NFL schedule, which includes holidays.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Develop, provide, and deliver mental training programming services for coaches and players (i.e., individual client care, case management, group workshops, presentations)
  • Report to the Coordinator of High-Performance Psychology and Director of Team Growth and Development
  • Collaborate closely with mental health clinician and player development/engagement staff to offer onboarding support, mental skills development, mental wellness support, performance optimization training to players and staff
  • Understand the sport industry and NFL landscape
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with referral sources for mental health (i.e., psychologists, EAP) and physical health (i.e., team doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength & conditioning) both within the NFL team organization and outside of the organization
  • Be available for consultation during the week on an as-needed basis, at the team’s facility or at on off-site location
  • Maintain CMPC accreditation with education/specialties to provide tools, models, and training for performance optimization (i.e., mindfulness, focus, confidence, imagery, emotional regulation, managing pressure, etc.)
  • Research and assess new technology, such as neurocognitive programming, vision training, and biofeedback for potential integration into player training and development and to assist with player performance (i.e., focus training, decision making, emotional regulation, etc.)
  • Readily offer and utilize mental health referrals within and outside of the organization, as well as assist in the transfer of care when needed
  • Be available on-site to players, coaches, and staff for a total of 8-12 hours per week, distributed across at least two days during training camp, preseason, regular season, and postseason
  • Support NFL draft profiling and/or player development profiling process as needed
  • Ensure confidentiality of all mental performance treatment and records in compliance with applicable laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Provide support to players on Injured Reserve (IR) or designated Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) status, upon their request
  • Willing to travel each week to this NFL team’s city location (including holidays)
  • Collaborate with other sport psychology team members and NFL team’s departments (i.e., medical, strength & conditioning, player development) to implement programming
  • Assist in development of resources and implementation of digital programming and other resources for players/staff to reference
  • Maintain consistent communication and embrace a collaborative approach with the entire sport psychology team
  • Perform other duties as necessary or assigned (unconventional hours will be required)

Education, Experience, & Other Qualifications: 

  • Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)
  • Master’s degree in counseling psychology, social work, or other mental health related field with the potential of being licensed in the state(s) where services are offered is preferred
  • Experience providing mental performance services to multicultural populations
  • Strong generalist with knowledge and experience in providing individual mental performance consulting and case management services
  • Previous experience working in an interdisciplinary environment
  • Experience public speaking with presentation history to teams and other audiences
  • Commitment to provide culturally appropriate and responsive services to clients with marginalized identities related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ability, and socioeconomic status
  • Strong understanding of the culture of football at an elite level, and experience working effectively with a diverse, multicultural player and staff population is preferred
  • Knowledge, skills, and expertise required to proficiently conduct, document, and evaluate individual, crisis intervention, and consultation/outreach
  • Demonstrates interpersonal skills, ability to work collaboratively across all levels of an organization
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficient in modern electronic communication methods
  • Maintain a team-oriented and growth mindset and a willingness to support the team
  • Ability to adapt to complex situations and work independently
  • Knowledge, skills and expertise required to proficiently conduct, document, and evaluate individual, crisis intervention, and consultation/outreach
  • Knowledge and understanding of ethical issues in mental performance consultation

To apply for the opportunity, please submit the following by March 18:

  • Completed Premier Sport Psychology Employment Application (Download HERE)
  • Cover letter
  • Resume and/or curriculum vitae
  • Contact information of 2-3 professional references

Application Deadline: March 18
All questions and applications should be sent via email to:

Savanna Townsend,