Canon Pieper

Professional Hockey Performance Consultant

Empowering athletes through mental resilience and peak performance strategies.

Premier is everything hockey

We now have experts that have played Pro Hockey that are helping to deliver programs to all competitions levels from USA Women’s National teams and professionals in the NHL.

We provide sports psychology consulting services to teams and organizations to develop hockey players and directly to individual hockey players.

About Canon

Professional Hockey Performance Consultant

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Canon Pieper combines firsthand athletic experience with a solid academic background in sport psychology to serve as a leading Hockey Performance Consultant for Premier Sport Psychology. He holds a Master of Science in Sport Psychology from Capella University and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Maine, with a supplementary Graduate Certificate in Business. His work stems from deep understanding of the mental challenges athletes face, enriched by his own extensive career in professional hockey.

Experience & Philosophy

With a career that spans playing at junior, collegiate, and professional levels—including teams affiliated with the NHL like the Minnesota Wild and Chicago Blackhawks—Canon’s approach is informed by personal insights and professional training. Under the mentorship of one of the top national sports psychologist Dr. Justin Anderson, he developed a passion for helping athletes navigate the psychological pressures of professional sports. Canon’s philosophy focuses on developing mental toughness and resilience, critical components for achieving excellence in sports.

Hockey Career & Highlights


Originating from Roseville, Minnesota, Canon began his hockey career on the U16 and U18 teams at Shattuck-St. Mary’s, followed by junior hockey in the USHL and BCHL, before playing at Quinnipiac University and the University of Maine. His professional journey included stints with NHL minor league teams, where he gained invaluable experience that he brings to his consulting practice.