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What We Do

Premier Sport Psychology provides a range of services to help athletes of all ages contend with the rigors of sport, accelerate growth and personal development, and live healthier, more examined lives. Whatever the path and whatever the obstacles, we can help.

We offer one on one sessions for athletes, independent sessions for parents, or collaborative sessions which include both athletes and parents. Creating a process that is comfortable for both you and your student athlete is our priority.


Individual work with athletes emphasizes the social and developmental aspects of sport participation, and targets every athlete’s personal growth within and outside of athletics. Your student athlete can expect to build stronger and more intentional focus, more consistent motivation and energy levels, better confidence, and a more balanced perspective on his or her role and identity as an athlete.


Sessions with parents will vary based on need, but common topics include: introducing your athlete to sport psychology, reinforcing healthy values, handling winning and losing, maintaining constructive lines of communication, managing sport life balances, and establishing household wellness routines.


Our family sessions prioritize healthy, fulfilling dynamics between you and your athlete. Participation in sport can enhance these relationships. It can also test them. Our family sessions can address family and athletic values, constructive lines of communication, expectations, conflict resolution, in an effort to broker better understandings and unity between parent and athlete.

Who We Help

Premier Sport Psychology works with individuals ranging from Olympic competitors and professional athletes, to youth athletes in their grade school years. No goal is too small to prioritize, no obstacle is too large to overcome.

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs, challenges, and sensibilities of your student athletes, and as mental health professionals, provide safe, supportive, and confidential care for all of our athletes, parents, and coaches.

How We Help



Sport psychology sessions approach each individual holistically, and target any conditions that may be impacting performance, livelihood, or mental health.

Some athletes bring with them goals, some bring obstacles, and still others bring a simple desire to feel better about themselves, their teammates, and their sport. Whatever the athletes’ needs, we’ll equip them with the mindset and the skills to meet the demands of their sport and life squarely and responsibly.



Assessments allow athletes to gain critical self-awareness in areas that underpin performance, leadership, and successful communication.

Our sport psychologists are trained in administering and evaluating six different assessment instruments related to personal, interpersonal, and performance dynamics—including athletic intelligence, responsiveness to adversity, emotional intelligence, ADHD, behavioral traits, and communication styles.



Like any training, mindset optimization requires repetition and routine. The Premier Mindset Academy allows athletes to move through the mental training techniques most directly related to performance enhancement, in their own homes and at their own pace.

Use our programs independently, or as a supplement to existing sessions with our sport psychologists. Click the link below to test drive our programs for yourself.

Why Sport Psychology?

How can sport psychology benefit my sport athlete?



Your athlete is likely concerned with his/her performance on the field, the court, the rink, the track, or the mat. We’ll help with that. Rest assured, however, that every step in that process will require your athlete to identify those elements of his/her life that are healthy, and those that are unhealthy. Sport psychology reinforces this kind of awareness, and provides athletes with the skills to nourish what’s best in their lives, and address what’s holding them back.



Sport psychology gives athletes a language to describe their emotions, their thoughts, their hopes, and their fears. It encourages them to communicate with their teammates, their coaches, their friends, and their family members– whether it be to create accountability and structure in their routines, or to gain strength and understanding from their support systems. This opens the door to healthy, productive conversations that many athletes previously found difficult.



Sport psychology seldom offers singular approaches to performance enhancement. We view performance dynamics holistically and treat them holistically by accumulating a network of complementary skills and routines. This leaves athletes with a variety of tools to unlock their potential, and meet the challenges of their sport, and their lives.

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