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What We Do

Premier Sport Psychology provides a range of services to help athletes of all levels contend with the rigors of sport, accelerate growth, and live healthier, more examined lives.  Whatever your path and whatever your obstacles, we can help.


Our licensed psychologists can assist with mental health concerns, relationships, anxiety, depression, homesickness, team and family dynamics, life and sport transition, or any of the many other impediments to performance or personal wellness.


Fine-tune your goal setting, receive supervised mental health and skill maintenance, progress evaluation and refinement, and sport/life management.


Accelerate growth and development, optimize mental skills, motivation, communication and leadership, and focus.  Increase confidence, manage performance anxieties, and receive customized mindfulness training.

Who We Help

Premier Sport Psychology works with individuals ranging from Olympic competitors and professional athletes, to youth athletes in their grade school years.  No goal is too small to prioritize, no obstacle is too large to overcome.

We tailor our services to meet your unique needs, challenges, and sensibilities, and as mental health professionals, provide safe, supportive, and confidential care for all of our athletes, parents, and coaches.

How We Help



Sport psychology sessions approach each athlete holistically, and target any conditions that may be impacting performance, livelihood, or mental health.

Some athletes bring with them goals, some bring obstacles, and still others bring a simple desire to feel better about themselves, their teammates, and their sport.  Whatever your needs, we’ll equip you with the mindset and the skills to meet the demands of your sport and life squarely and responsibly.



Assessments allow athletes to gain critical self-awareness in areas that underpin performance, leadership, and successful communication.

Our sport psychologists are trained in administering and evaluating six different assessment instruments related to personal, interpersonal, and performance dynamics—including athletic intelligence, responsiveness to adversity, emotional intelligence, ADHD, behavioral traits, and communication styles.



Like any training, mindset optimization requires repetition and routine.  The Premier Mindset Academy allows athletes to move through the mental training techniques most directly related to performance enhancement, in their own homes and at their own pace.

Use our programs independently, or as a supplement to your existing sessions with our sport psychologists.  Click the link below to test drive our programs for yourself.

Why Sport Psychology?

How can sport psychology benefit my sport performance?



Every performance, whether in practice, the film room, or in competition, begins with your focus.  Focus is the engine that drives the train.  Everything we feel, everything we think, everything we do is a direct consequence of where we have directed our focus.  Your sport psychologist or mental training consultant will help you build focus intentionality, duration, and controllability to optimize your mental game for prime-time performances—whether you are on or off the field.



Maintain consistency in good times and bad.  Resilience, or grit, creates mental durability, allowing you to be more resistant to adversity and to rebound faster when setbacks inevitably hit.  Resilience has been shown to be a more reliable predictor of success than intelligence or talent, so building skills to make your resilience more robust is a vital component to any mental training routine.



Build skills to enhance your relationships with your teammates and coaches, and techniques to expand your leadership potential, on and off the court.  Learn how to hold yourself and your peers accountable, create positive connections with those close to you, and utilize constructive communication strategies to build understanding and unity on your team. 



Every athlete contends with mental strain at some point in his or her career.  These strains can come from a variety of sources, from undiagnosed depression, to anxiety and eating disorders, to difficult relationships, mental blocks, burnout, or confidence deficits, and can significantly undermine performance and well-being.  Our team is trained in both performance enhancement and mental health practice, and can provide you with the assistance you need to think, feel, and perform better.

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