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Tying Mental Health to Mental Performance: The Wellness Continuum

All performers have the goal of reaching their potential and performing to the best of their abilities. A lot of time and effort is spent learning the physical techniques and skills that are required for sport. While the physical part of sport is highly important, peak performance can’t take place without a strong mental base.  Just as physical and mental performance go hand-in-hand, so do mental performance and mental health. One in four people struggle with their mental health; four out of four people have mental health. Having strong mental wellness is required to reach peak performance on the playing field. Our team at Premier Sport Psychology often explains this relationship to athletes by using the wellness continuum. Read Full Article

Putting Proactive Mental Health Care in Action

Everyone’s mental health journey looks different. It is important to understand that everyone has mental health regardless of what point of their journey they are at. That journey of mental health fluctuates throughout the course of your life. The stressors of everyday life can seem unbearable at times, especially with the mental health crisis at an all time high post-COVID. Taking action to maintain your well-being is essential and the best way to do it is through proactive mental health care.  Here are a few tips to help be proactive with your mental health: Identify & Acknowledge Your Feelings The first step to be proactive with your mental health is having self-awareness. Being able to identify how you are feeling and validating your experience allows you to take steps to improve.  Regardless of whether ...

Postdoc Corner: Using Rest to Your Advantage

All athletes strive to gain every inch of an advantage possible to get ahead of the competition. The same can be said for young adults hungry for opportunity in the workplace.  That concept is often interpreted as extra hours in the gym, offseason filled with camps and travel teams, and workdays that extend long beyond day’s end.  Hard work is certainly a key driver of peak performance. Yet at what expense? Peak Performance doesn’t take place without rest. In fact, rest is a competitive advantage.  Sleep…and More With many athletes turning the corner to their offseason, there’s no better time to recalibrate an emphasis on rest…specifically sleep.  “Rest is a competitive advantage because the more restful sleep you get...