Process Communication Model (PCM)

The Process Communication Model (PCM) is an advanced, scientific research-based tool that enables athletes/performances to understand, motivate, and communicate effectively with others. The PCM provides precise methods to enhance self-management and management of interpersonal relationships even under stress. Athletes/performers will learn about each of the six personality types described by the model that will help provide insight into relationships, therefore enhancing their efficiency both personally and professionally. Drs. Wagener and Anderson are certified Process Communication Model® trainers who can help teach the model’s concepts effectively through individual sessions, coaching sessions, or within a team format.

What It Is

  • Provides a variety of tools designed for successful communication
  • Skills learned from the model enable one to motivate, understand, and communicate with others


What It Does

  • Provides a wide range of sport psychology practical tools that help communication with all six personality types
  • Provides second-by-second strategies in interacting with others to turn potentially unproductive conversations into effective communication
  • Enables understanding of a variety of important behavioral differences
  • Helps one analyze conflict in order to find a solution


Why It’s Valuable

  • Enhances individual performance through coaching
  • Improves conflict management skills
  • Aids in increasing effective teamwork
  • Improves team dynamics/team building
  • Increases awareness of self/others
  • Enhances enjoyment of activity
  • Decreases burnout