Premier Sport Psychology is excited to introduce one of our Summer 2018 interns, Joe Brinkman!  Read below to learn more about Joe.

Let’s start with a fun fact about yourself.

I am the oldest of eight kids in my family! It is a crazy household, but I would never trade it to be an only child with a quiet house. That just sounds way too boring.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I could never pick one place! There are so many different things I want to see and explore in this world. Rome is definitely towards the top, as well as Ireland and New Zealand. Trying to pick one destination is a nightmare!

What is the best show you’ve watched on Netflix?

I don’t watch a whole lot of Netflix actually. I have finished two shows and one took me almost a year and a half. Arrow, with Stephen Amell is one that I finished and that was super interesting. I really like Criminal Minds as well.

What is your favorite song? Favorite artist?

If I were to pick a song I would be lying. I don’t have a favorite song because it is changing all the time. I have my favorites here and there which I feel like is pretty normal. I can’t pick a favorite artist either, but the first one that popped into my head was The Chainsmokers.

You are being sent to a deserted island you can bring one person and one item, who and what would you bring, and why?

Bear Grylls for sure! I feel like he just knows everything when it comes to all the adventure and outdoors stuff. Plus I think it would be super fun to learn from him! For an item, I would bring a bow and arrow. If I’m on a deserted island I might as well learn how to hit a squirrel while it’s jumping from one tree to another, you never know when that will be handy!

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?

If I could have a super power it would be teleportation. It would be like Dorothy’s ruby slippers on steroids! The convenience of teleportation and cutting out travel expense is prime. Although, a road trip here and there would never hurt.

When you were in Kindergarten, what did you want to be when you grew up?

In Kindergarten I really wanted to be a major league baseball player. I’m not even quite sure why. Maybe it was because I liked Derek Jeter so much but who knows.

What is one thing that scares you?

Seeing “missed call from Mom”. On a more serious note, I am super afraid of one of my family members or people that I care about passing away. I think that just leads into my fear of the unknown. However I realize that not knowing everything lets us have our own journey.

Favorite sport to play? How about to watch?

My favorite sport to play would probably be football, but golf is certainly on the top as well. I really enjoy watching a lot of sports, but college football would take the cake.

What is your experience with sports?

I played just about every sport I was exposed to growing up. Through high school I played football, basketball and golf. I brought golf into college as well as basketball for a year. I have a deep passion for the game of golf and learning as much as I can about it. I am asked all the time how my “babies” (golf clubs) are doing.

What has drawn you to the sports psychology world?

I was first drawn to the sports psychology world when I started reading books written by Dr. Bob Rotella. What stamped me going into this field though was an experience I had with my sister. I worked with her for a week leading up to the second day of the section meet her senior year of high school. She didn’t play well the first day and was sitting outside the cut line for state, but if she played well enough she could make it. I didn’t mess with her mechanics or swing at all. For a week I just tried to increase her ability to focus and confidence levels. She bought in and shot the best round of her life, an even par round of 72. It was her first time in the 70’s as well.

What is your educational background and future aspirations?

I am starting my fourth year at Mount Marty College this fall. I am working on a Psychology degree with an English writing minor. I plan on attending a graduate program for sport psychology after attaining my undergrad. I still have a lot of things to think about and decisions to make. One of my ultimate goals is not only to work with college athletes and their performance, but to help form them as a person.