Amanda will be with Premier Sport Psychology for the spring of 2018 as our intern. Read below to learn more about Amanda!

Let’s start with a fun fact about yourself.
I’ve broken five different bones all in non-contact sports.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I think it would be really interesting to travel to Australia.

Do you prefer movies or Netflix?  
Both! I really like movies but a good show on Netflix is hard to beat.

What is the best show you’ve watched on Netflix?
Grey’s Anatomy, so interesting.

Chocolate or vanilla?
Definitely chocolate.

What is your favorite song?
Anything by Taylor Swift, she’s my favorite.

You are being sent to a deserted island you can bring one person and one item, who and what would you bring, and why?
I would bring my friend Anne and my dog Oliver since they both make me happy and we can have fun doing anything.

Favorite sport to play? How about to watch?
I like to play anything competitive, but if I had to pick I’d say running track. Favorite sport to watch is football.

What is your experience with sports?
Growing up I played soccer, swam, and danced until I was in middle school. Through high school I played volleyball, gymnastics, ran cross country and track and field. In college I competed in track and field at Winona State in the 100 High Hurdles, 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, and High jump.

What has drawn you to the sports psychology world?
I honestly really enjoy sports and the different mindset and motivation levels athletes have compared to other people. Experiencing certain injuries and recovering from them has also opened my mind to the different mental processes someone can go through. Being able to help and improve the mentality of other athletes to reach their goals really draws me to the field of sports psychology.

What is your educational background and future aspirations?
I graduated from Buffalo High School in 2013. In May of 2017, I graduated from Winona State University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Cellular Molecular Biology and immediately began the Master’s of Sports Psychology program through Capella University. In April, I am planning on graduating and pursuing a career in sports psychology or furthering my education in the field.