This summer, Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury is working with a sport psychologist as part of his plan to regain his career momentum. After this season’s meltdown and four dismal years of postseason performances, Fleury needs to rebuild his confidence in a big way. As sports writers have pointed out, Fleury’s issues are not physical. Just as people outside of the sporting world need to see psychologists during times of duress, athletes look to sport psychologists when their heads are obviously not in the game. Like all high-performance athletes, Fleury faces too much pressure, performance anxiety, mental blocks, and loss of concentration during key moments in competitions. Working with a sport psychologist will help restore Fleury’s goalie performances by rebuilding his mental skills and strengthening his overall well-being. This work off the ice will make a difference the next time Fleury steps into the goalie box.