Why is golfer Bernhard Langer so successful? Senior Writer Randall Mell asks this question on a recent blog post online at Golf Channel.

Along with the usual answers such as hard work and excellent health, Langer lists a reason people don’t often mention: a lack of personal tumult. “I haven’t had marital problems, or a divorce. I’ve had the same coach for 35 years. I’ve had the same manager for 35 years. I’ve had the same wife for 27 years. Obviously, I’ve had to work hard on my game, but I think if other areas of your life are not right, you will have a hard time concentrating and performing,” said Langer.

Langer has won 83 professional titles and trophies over a career spanning more than 30 years. Mell writes Langer is proof that emotional stability is as helpful as good golfing technique and years of dedication. Divorce, defiant teenagers, money problems, and dying relatives all are hazards for professional athletes. This type of tumult is why people ponder Tiger Woods’ performance so closely these days.

Mell also writes about three-time major champion Larry Nelson, who admits his lack of focus after caring for his dying father for 21 days in a row. “I was fine going to play, I was excited about getting to play, I was ready to play, but I was just mentally exhausted,” Nelson said.

The next time you compete in your favorite sporting endeavor, take a moment to ponder your personal life. Do you live your life in a calm and supportive setting, or are events unfolding that create a lack of balance right now? Now look at how your game played out and think about how tumult or serenity affected you.