This week, we got a chance to talk to Dr. Justin Anderson about performance leadership.  Dr. Anderson is a licensed psychologist and executive adviser who, for the last decade, has brought the concepts of sport and performance psychology to leaders of all types and stripes.

Showing leadership in competitive environments is its own kind of performance, and in a conversation that stretches through and beyond the world of sport, Dr. Anderson breaks down how that performance looks, what it includes, and how it can be constructed by leaders in any environment.

“I don’t care what kind of offense you’re running if you can’t connect with your players.  Those who are able to connect with their athletes and really understand their psychological motivators are going to have a tremendous strategic advantage over those who can’t.”

– Dr. Justin Anderson

Episode Highlights:

– Performance leadership

– Leading in competitive environments

– Decision-making in pressure situations

– Leadership behaviors

– Creating psychological safety within groups

– Empathy and leadership

– Communicating one’s vision

– Motivating teams, employees, and athletes

– Maintaining trust

– Recovering from mistakes

– Emotional and situational awareness

– The limitations of fear as a motivator