This week’s podcast is a chat with Mental Performance Consultant Russ Flaten.  Dr. Flaten has worked as both an educator and as an advisor in sport and military training.  His recent work has attempted to crack the code on what makes some athletes, some coaches, more resilient than others, and how we can build resiliency and speed skill acquisition in performers of all kinds.

In a brief but thought-provoking conversation, David and Russ begin to unpack what comprises resiliency, and how those skills can be applied in leadership situations to manage fatigue, increase compassion and communication, and bring greater joy and meaning to performance in any setting.

“It’s not that we’re accepting situations.  We’re accepting that we’re probably going to have a certain kind of reaction to those situations.  We’re accepting the human part of being a leader.  We’re not accepting lowered standards or that we made a mistake, but that as a human being we’re going to feel a certain way.  So now what am I going to do about it?”

– Dr. Russ Flaten

Episode Highlights:

– Being a resilient leader

– Anticipating challenges

– Adjusting after adversity

– The relationship between compassion and fatigue in leaders

– Intentionality in leadership

– The importance of clarifying expectations

– Prioritizing relationships over tasks

– The cumulative effect of everyday stress

– Building preemptive routines to enhance resiliency

– Dealing with unanticipated adversity and the stress it causes

– Accepting emotions in sport and leadership

– Learning as a process, and a tool for maintaining resilience