The Premier Mindset Program™

The Premier Mindset Program™ is a Mental Training APP developed by the country’s leading Sport Psychologists focused on the mental skills most directly related to performance enhancement. It offers athletes of all levels a convenient and flexible resource to step up their mental game, whether or not they have previous experience with sport psychology.

What Makes the PMP Unique?

  • It’s like having your own team/personal mental performance specialist with you at all times!
  • Access to the concepts, strategies and exercises used by our sport psychologists with collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes
  • Ability to improve your mental game on your own time
  • Access to a personal score that measures your skills against other athletes and shows your mental skills growth over time
  • Support and contact with real Sports Psychologists and Athletic Counselors

What does it cost?

The PMP uses a yearly subscription model and can be purchased either individually or for teams. An individual license is $249 and Team licenses start at $800. Team licenses are tiered based on the number of users.

Who is the PMP For?

The PMP is built to be used by athletes at all levels from youth and highschool athletes to collegiate, Olympic and Pro Athletes.

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