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    How Can We Help?

    Premier Sport Psychology offers direct, person-to-person
    services in the following areas.

    One-on-one sessions with a sport psychologist to optimize performance, sport/life balance, and personal well-being.

    Groups sessions designed to establish shared team values and goals, improve group dynamics, and fortify team culture and communication.

    Collaborative group sessions targeting your team’s unique needs.  Topics include, but are not limited to: stress management; creating clear expectations; increasing athlete buy-in and motivation; creating winning traditions; overcoming mental blocks; dealing with frustration; and building confidence.

    Topic-driven presentations for your team, organization, or club on mindset training techniques and athletes’ mental health.  Contact us for a list of keynote topics, or tell us about your group’s needs and we’ll develop a custom presentation for you.

    Receive group education from Premier’s Leadership Development team on developing leadership attributes, motivating others, and maximizing personal leadership potential.

    Proud Provider of Services for Athletes in: