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Who We Serve

Premier Sport Psychology works with teams of all stripes, from youth teams to collegiate programs at the D1, D2, and D3 levels, to professional franchises and Olympic teams. Despite their differences in size and scale, our mission with every team remains the same: to optimize the performance and well-being of the athletes, and to help coaches and staff strengthen team bonds and culture. Whether your next step is to win a national title or to simply increase harmony and buy-in, we can help. No goal is too small to support, no obstacle too large to overcome.

How We Help

Our services stretch along two axes: individual services for athletes and coaches, and group services to build unity, cohesion, and shared values across your team and coaching staff.




Sport psychology sessions approach each athlete holistically, and target any variables that may be impacting performance, livelihood, or well-being. Our sessions can range from performance restoration, for those athletes dealing with performance impediments or burnout, to mental health counseling, to performance optimization, for athletes who want to find another gear, greater consistency, or advanced mental training in anticipation of a new season, transition, or big event.



Assessments allow athletes to gain self-awareness in areas that underpin performance, leadership, and successful communication. Our staff is trained in administering and evaluating six different assessment instruments directly related to personal, interpersonal, and performance dynamics—including athletic intelligence, responsiveness to adversity, emotional intelligence, ADHD, behavior traits, and communication styles.



Like any training, mindset optimization requires repetition and routine. Premier Sport Psychology offers a “Premier Mindset Academy,” which allows athletes to learn the techniques most directly related to performance enhancement in their own homes and at their own pace. Click the link below to sample the program for yourself.




Team optimization helps coaches and athletes alike build trust bonds, productive and proactive lines of communication, and shared expectations, goals, and values. Our team sessions are ideal places to set expectations and team roles, discover motivation drivers, and build mental toughness and cohesion as a group.



Our workshops aim to educate teams on topics related to mindset training, performance optimization, and/or mental health. Topics include: stress management, leadership development, communication strategies, increasing buy-in and motivation, building confidence, preventing psychological problems, overcoming mental blocks, and sustaining team culture.

Why Sport Psychology?

How can sport psychology benefit my team?



Your student athletes are likely concerned with their performances on the field, court, rink, or mat. We’ll help with that. Rest assured, however, that every step in this process will be building skills that foster overall wellness, build healthy relationships, and help manage the sport/life balance every student-athlete must contend with at some point in his/her career. Mental skills training begins with identifying what’s working in an athlete’s life, and what needs to be improved for the athlete to realize his/her full potential. Sport psychology reinforces this kind of awareness, and provides athletes with the skills to nourish what’s best in their lives, and address what’s holding them back.



Sport psychology gives athletes a language to describe their thoughts, their hopes, and their fears. It also gives them a process for growth, outlining ways in which to acquire new skills, handle change, accept feedback, manage adversity, and increase their focus, confidence, and motivation. The development of these skills, what we call a performance mindset, helps accelerate your athletes’ growth and skill development, and increase their ability to both communicate with their coaches, and receive instruction and corrective feedback.



It’s understood that what moves and unites any team are shared values. Premier Sport Psychology helps athletes develop an understanding of the underlying values that drive them to perform as individuals, and an acceptance of the shared values that unite their team. These understandings can keep your athletes more reliably motivated and increase their contributions to your team’s culture.



Create consistency in your athletes, in good times and bad. Resilience, or grit, creates mental adaptability, allowing student-athletes to be more resistant to adversity and to rebound faster when setbacks inevitably hit. Resilience has been shown to be a more reliable predictor of success than intelligence or talent, so building skills to make your athletes’ resilience more robust is vital to the success of any team.

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