Be At Your

Best On and Off the Field

Coaching is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but one that requires great amounts of time, focus, and dedication. Behind every timeout called, late night of game planning, and email sent to parents is a human being. To be your best at the gym, court, or field, you first need to be at your best as a human.


Sport Psychology?

Coaches in today’s world strive to utilize all resources available to set their athletes up for success. It’s important for you to do the same.

Reasons to See Premier Sport Psychology

Each coach has different goals, needs, and priorities on and off the ice. We work with coaches all all levels to instill skills that apply to sport and life. The following are (but are not limited to) reasons why coaches will often seek coaching from Premier Sport Psychology.

  • Managing and avoiding burnout
  • Dealing with pressure from team, parents, and administrators
  • Creating a balance between coaching and life
  • Addressing conflict with athletes, parents, and other coaches
  • Rebounding from difficult seasons/losses
  • Being proactive about communication and coaching strategies

what to


Sport Psychology and Mental Performance coaching are offered both virtually or on-site at Premier’s office in Edina, Minnesota. The first session will consist largely of information gathering, to acquaint your provider with the specific goals you want to achieve, and to identify the obstacles you have faced in pursuit of those goals in the past. You and your provider will then collaborate to create an action plan to address these obstacles and achieve your goals. Diagnostic tools and assessments may also be used to better understand your circumstances and to provide effective and responsive care. The information shared with your provider is confidential and protected by strict standards of counselor/client care.


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