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The Power of Focal Points

Where an athlete places their attention is the number one determinant of whether they will find success or not. Because focus is critical to peak performance, it's important to identify helpful and unhelpful focal points. Being aware of what you are focusing on and how it affects you before, during, and after competitions is essential for maximizing performance. Having productive focal points, or where we place our focus, is a game-changer both in and out of competition. The first step is identifying productive vs. unproductive focal points.  Some examples of productive focal points could be encouraging language, your strengths, the game p...

Your Blueprint to Focusing on the Controllables

You’ve heard it a million times...focus on what you can control.  Those six words serve as a guiding light in both sport and life; after all, where we place our attention is the number one determinant of whether we will find success or not in sport.  Yet it can sometimes be easier said than done to stay locked in on things within our control during competition…or even know what is within our control.  Being cognizant of what is within your control lays the foundation for so many things in sport; letting go of losses and mistakes, moving on from unfortunate outcomes, mentally preparing for competition, and much more.  More importantly, learning to hone in on the controllables in sport will equip you with the skills to combat adversity off the playing field in life for years to come....

Five Behaviors Associated With Inattentive ADHD

It’s no secret that having ADHD doesn’t mean that a child can’t find success in sport, school, and life. Yet finding that blueprint for success can sometimes be easier said than done and getting tested is oftentimes the first step towards molding that blueprint.  ADHD is far from a one size fits all; each individual diagnosed with ADHD responds uniquely to different environments and a path to success looks different for each individual. In fact, there are different types of ADHD diagnoses that vary quite a bit from each other.  That being said, there are common signs and behaviors that are often associated with children who have ADHD. These behaviors are by no means an exact indicator, but if multiple ones are displayed, getting your child tested for ADHD might not be a bad idea.  Per Premier’s head of ADHD services Read Full Article