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Coping with Times of Uncertainty- Building Resilience

During times of uncertainty, we can start to feel a little anxious and lost. Resilience is something that can help us cope with times of uncertainty. Below are 2 different exercises to help foster the development of your resilience through your support system and accountability through group activities. Exercise 1: Identify three teammates you want to reach out this week and how you want to give and maintain support. A key pillar of resiliency is to identify your support system. Get creative in the ways that you can support each other virtually or from a distance. Click Here   Exercise 2: Movement feels good and boosts your immune system! Here is a workout you can do with your teammates, with instructions on how to set up a "workout meeting" via Zoom. Which exercises will you enjoy more with the support of teammates?  Read Full Article

Meet Laina Nelson

Premier is excited to announce that Laina Nelson will be joining our staff this August as an office administrator. Read below to learn more about Laina! What has most drawn you to the field of sport psychology? What has drawn me to sport psychology is my experiences growing up with a love for sport, as well as being a performer. I was a three-sport athlete throughout high school and spent the rest of my time in the fine arts and performing and writing music. I find sport psychology fascinating; it merges my love for sport and performance, while advocating for mental health and well-being, as well as prioritizing the ability to reach optimal performance. It is extremely intriguing and I cannot wait to continue to learn and grow within the field! What sport do you enjoy playing the most?  Watching the most? As a three-sport athlete, I love playing volleyball, basketball, and softball in equal amounts. I was even in an all-female boxing club ...

Meet Dr. Tommy Fritze

Premier Sport Psychology is excited to welcome Dr. Tommy Fritze to our team. He is starting in late August 2019 as a post doc! Read below to learn more about Tommy. What sport do you enjoy playing the most? Ping pong...yes, really.   What trend do you hope makes a comeback? Using technology/electronics as tools rather than toys / playing outside more   What quote inspires you the most? “Be where you are, otherwise you will miss your life.” – Buddha, Siddhārtha Gautama   What is your focus cue or mantra that you use to get in the game? Read Full Article