Author: Premier Sport Psychology

“No one makes the journey alone, and that’s really important.”

Premier’s Dr. Harlan Austin joined Coach Jason Koop on the KoopCast for a conversation about addiction in ultrarunning, the overlap between addiction and athletics, and resources and strategies for those who are struggling and those around them.

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“Go in and give your best effort on the controllables. Crush the process. If the outcome is a bi-product of your best effort, then it’s enough.”

In an era of hyper-competitiveness and expectations, capitalizing on the mental side of sport is critical for accelerating growth and development. Premier’s Dr. Carly Anderson joins the Go Gopher Podcast with Mike Grimm to dive into sport psychology and performance and how the mind of an athlete can be the difference between a powerful, productive performance and an underwhelming one.

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“The best thing that we can do to fear is walk towards the fear and understand it,” Anderson said. “When we really step into the fear it’s a lot less fearful than we imagine it to be. But most people try to avoid the fear.”

In an era where athletes are faced with high volumes of pressure, Dr. Justin Anderson was featured alongside four Minnesota professional athletes in a story on mental health in professional sports and how athletes are dealing with pressure in today’s world.

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