Anderson surmises the kicker’s problems come from the fact there’s no new mountain to ascend.

“… As a NFL rookie or when he was coming into college, he was sort of climbing the mountain, and he had a lot less to lose,” he says. “For smarter guys than say the stereotypical ‘dumb’ jocks, it’s about climbing the mountain. My guess with him is he’s a smarter guy and as he’s become [more successful in his career] he thinks he’s got more to lose. He’s already climbed. He’s already got the millions of dollars and so now he’s on top of the mountain and he doesn’t have to climb anymore. The thing about confidence is that it’s so fragile. As soon as you start to think ‘Do I have it? Do I not have it?’ doubt creeps in.”

Anderson agrees the pressure will only prove more suffocating in the coming weeks: “He’s in a bit of tailspin now and it’s only going to get more heavy.”

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