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Premier Sport Psychology does not accept direct payment from insurance companies, which means that we cannot submit to your insurance provider.  If you are looking to be fully or partially reimbursed by your insurance company for services rendered, and you have received a mental health diagnosis from one of our sport psychologists, you will be responsible for submitting claims to your insurer.  We can provide you with itemized receipts in order to submit a claim, but cannot guarantee that your insurance provider will reimburse you.

For most insurance companies, we are considered “out of network” providers, so the cost of services will be out of pocket.  If you are planning to submit a claim to your insurance provider, you may want to contact them first and discuss your benefits. Some helpful questions to ask are: Does my plan cover mental health services?  If so, do you cover out of network providers?  Do I have a session limit?

Many of our clients who don’t have insurance that will reimburse/cover the cost of sessions use their Health Savings or Flex Spending (HSA/FSA) to pay for services.  However, we strongly recommend checking in with your insurance provider to ask what specifically you can use those accounts for, as many insurance companies have restrictions.  We can process payment from an HSA/FSA via credit or debit card.

Every session is different and tailored to the person!  In the first session, you will provide us with background information about yourself and what you want to work on, we will talk about what we think might be useful, and then together, we will set an action plan for how to help you reach your goals.

Are you a parent of a youth athlete and wondering what happens in sessions?  Click here for more information.

Absolutely not!  While we are a referral source throughout the Twin Cities Sports Medicine community, we do not require that our clients are specifically referred to us or have a mental health diagnosis.  We see a wide range of clients who want to focus on anything from mindset restoration to performance optimization – each individual’s path and purpose is different.

We are located in Edina, Minnesota – our office is close to Interstate 494 and Highway 100.  Our address is:

7401 Metro Blvd Suite 510
Edina, MN 55439

Virtual sessions are also available.