Trey Scott

Contributing Manager

Trey Scott brings 11 years of NFL front office executive experience and talent identification to Premier. Trey was a key member of the Raiders player personnel department as they transitioned to Las Vegas and during his tenure helped them grow into an AFC contender. Throughout his NFL career, Trey has also worked inside of nearly every Division 1 football program across the country.  His knowledge of front office business, boots-on-the-ground scouting experience and an extensive personal network of coaches and players, uniquely position him as a resource of knowledge on culture, team building and talent identification.

A former collegiate quarterback and assistant coach at Kansas State under legendary Head Coach, Bill Snyder, Trey has behind the curtain knowledge of many of sport’s most recognizable leaders and players. Drawing from his experience, he is still active in the mentorship, development and management of coaches across the top levels of football.

Trey is exceptionally skilled in talent identification and team building across both business and sport. He is passionate about the corporate parallels his experience provides and presents actionable strategies to help organizations identify and develop well balanced teams.

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