Athletic Intelligence Quotient (AIQ)

The Athletic Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) is a mental analytics tool currently being used by NFL teams (including two Super Bowl winners), MLB teams (including three World Series winners), NBA teams (including one National Championship team), NHL teams, MLS teams, Division 1 teams (including FBS Bowl Winners, a #1 ranked basketball team, and a Final Four Championship runner up), UEFA teams, Olympic training facilities, ESports teams, military, first responders, and training academies.

The AIQ measures the intellectual abilities most used in attaining, enhancing, and applying athletic skills. Just as a stopwatch measures speed, the AIQ provides valuable information about an athlete’s performance-specific intellectual abilities. The AIQ identifies an athlete’s mental strengths and weaknesses, helps coaches train athletes to reach the highest level of performance, and aids management and player personnel in scouting and roster decisions.

The Athletic Intelligence Quotient is a unique psychology assessment because it was designed specifically for athletes. Unlike other tools, the AIQ does not rely on self-report or reports from others; instead, the athletes must demonstrate their skills. Drs. Anderson and Wagener are trained in the AIQ and can help athletes and teams to better understand their athletic abilities through individual and/or group sessions.

What It Is

  • A specific intelligence psychological test geared towards understanding an athlete’s mental capabilities
  • Measures the cognitive abilities central to athletic performance
  • Provides an understanding of an athlete’s processing speed, reaction time, memory, and visual processing


What It Does

  • Predicts an athlete’s ability to master new skills and strategies
  • Determines whether an athlete can adapt to unpredicted situations
  • Measures an athlete’s skill of adjusting to a constantly changing environment
  • Provides coaches with detailed scores on each player’s athletic intelligence


Why It’s Valuable

  • Increases practice efficiency
  • Provides insight on an athlete’s ability to succeed
  • Allows coaches to improve training and coaching strategies based on individual cognitive profiles



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